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Europa-Park, Taubergießen, and more.

Discover Rust, Mittelbaden, and the neighboring regions:
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Bildquelle: Europa-ParkEuropa-Park Rust

Directly in Rust you'll find Europa-Park, Germany's largest amusement park.
Here you'll experience attractions, rollercoasters, and fascinating shows, all imbedded in the architecture and culture of various European countries.
The park is located within walking distance of the "Löwen" - you'll be there in just a few minutes.

TaubergiessenTaubergiessen Nature Reserve

A natural wilderness is also in immediate proximity:
Taubergießen, which is one of the largest nature reserves in Baden-Württemberg. There, in the meadows, forests, and countless bodies of water, you'll find a unique and largely natural fauna and flora. It's a world waiting to be discovered by you - on foot or by boat.

ElsassFrankreich - Alsace

The Vosges Mountains and the Alsace - on the other side of the Rhine - are well worth visiting. The "Löwen" is also a great starting point for a quick visit to the Alsatian metropolis and European city of Strasbourg.

Steinwasen Park

A visit to Steinwasen-Park, in the middle of the Black Forest, is an adventure for the entire family - it features the world's longest adventure rope bridge, more than 20 types of wild game in natural enclosures, summer toboggan runs, and many additional attractions.

Whether Black Forest, Kaiserstuhl, or Alsace, a visit to a city, hiking, or a bicycle tour - no matter what, we're glad to help you anytime with the planning of your excursions into our beautiful region.